Plaited head band with feathers

MOTIF DESCRIPTION The pattern consists of rhombs formed through the braiding technique used, executed in part in various shades and


Headband with fingers

MOTIF DESCRIPTION The pattern consists of large overlapping S-shapes.  These have a feline-like head at each end.  Both ends of


Plaited head band

Braided headband This band was braided with camelid fibre yarn in a diagonal check pattern, using diagonal interlacing and braiding


Sample band

This band has 14 different pattern units, each of them 50 cm long. It has a row of Lima beans,


Red plaited head band

This band is a combination of diagonally woven and plaited woollen yarn. The motif at the ends of the band


Headband with fingers

A two-headed bird and a similar, smaller figure inverted inside it. A feline is visible on the wings of the


Headband with fingers

The pattern consists of large Z-shapes overlapping. They have a feline-looking head at each end. Four finger-like “tassels” are attached