Bird poncho

Textile returned by Gothenburg City to the Museo Nacional de Arqueologia, Antropologia e Historia and the Ministry of Culture in


Borders with human figure

MOTIF DESCRIPTION The motif consists of a human figure with outstretched arms and legs and “snakes” issuing from the body


Poncho with monkey

MOTIF DESCRIPTION The motif consists of a feline with a long tail ending in a head. Coming out of the


Black cat poncho

MOTIF DESCRIPTION The motif is of a creature with a long tail that passes in wave formation round the whole


Eagle poncho

MOTIF DESCRIPTION The pattern consists of “double-headed eagles”, with three decreasing in size inverted within each other. There is a


Fish poncho

A creature resembling a fish but with a human-looking arm. The figure is embroidered in rows on the border and


Painted poncho

p>This textile is both painted and embroidered, which is unusual for Paracas textiles. There are embroidered figures round the edges


Cat poncho

Two felines facing each other, with smaller cats in the interstices . The motif occurs with two different colour schemes.


Bird poncho

A standing bird with wings outstretched . The neck is bent in such a way that the beak almost touches


Cat poncho

Two felines, one larger than the other, apparently having the same tail. The smaller cat has a protruding tongue terminating


killer whale poncho

Motif composed of several different animals. The same motif occurs in textiles 1935.32.0187 (showcases 2) and 1935.32.0185 (showcases  21). The