Bird poncho 1935.32.0188

Textile returned by Gothenburg City to the Museo Nacional de Arqueologia, Antropologia e Historia and the Ministry of Culture in Peru on 18 June 2014


The pattern figure is a bird, the condor, seen sideways with two splayed wings, legs back and the neck turned upwards.  Various forms protrude from the neck as well as the beak.  The surface of the poncho is checked with small quadrilaterals containing the same motif as on the borders, which are also placed between the L-borders at the corners.


Warp:  cotton in mid-green, brown and greyish green.  Weft:  cotton in mid-green, brown and greyish green.  Embroidery:  camelid fibre in mid-pink, light pink, blue, green, mid-purple, purple, yellow, light yellow, reddish yellow, white, grey, black (corroded) and a red and white plied.  Technique:  the poncho was pieced and stitched together from three different woven sections.  The neck opening was woven as for a kelim slit.  The L-shaped borders cover some joined on pieces on the long sides.  The neck opening was edged with cross-knit loop stitch, and fringes on the outer edges were attached with cross-knit loop stitch.  The textile goes with mantle fragment 1935.32.0190.


Intermedio Temprano 1B/2 – Paracas Necrópolis


Fakta om föremålet
Size 78 x 71 cm
Item number 1935.32.0188
Category Poncho