Who do the objects belong to?

Objects deriving from the Paracas culture in present day Peru make up a unique world heritage.

The Paracas Peninsula in present-day Peru has given its name to a civilization that produced a unique world heritage

. The distinctive character and imagery of the textiles discovered on the Paracas Peninsula in the 1920s have no historical precedent . Today, 89 Paracas textile items are in the possession of Gothenburg City, while the National Museums of World Culture are responsible for the care and preservation of the collection in addition to providing means for making it available. The Museum of World Culture has for some time been engaged in a dialogue regarding the Paracas material with Peruvian museums and Peruvian Embassy representatives in Sweden. In December of 2009 the Peruvian Embassy presented a formal request for the return of the collections to Peru. This led to further dialogue between the Embassy, the City of Gothenburg and the National Museums of World Culture in order to investigate in more detail the issues involved, complex for a whole variety of reasons. Ongoing discussion related to the Paracas textiles and their history will hopefully also help to broaden international interest in this unique textile heritage and its future. These ancient textiles place extremely high demands on their handling, the planning and preservation measures required as well as the museum environment in which they are kept. In view of this, the aim is to find solutions allowing for the continued high-quality preservation of these globally unique Paracas textiles and provisions for making them available in a museum context. The National Museums of World Culture blog, Collection Stories, includes an account of how the first four textiles from the Gothenburg Collection were returned to Lima, Peru: Paracas textiles from the Gothenburg collection travel back to Peru.Namnlös The Gothenburg City Cultural Administration website also includes an article about the return of the textiles:  Ceremonial welcome in Peru to mark the handing over of the first Paracas textiles from Gothenburg City.Cermoni i Lima 2